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Book review! “To Sleep…Perchance to Die” by Donald Grippo

“To Sleep…Perchance to Die” by Donald Grippo, D.D.S     I’m not sure how anyone can resist this cover!  I told the author this when I grabbed an autographed copy of his new release, “To Sleep…Perchance to Die” this month.  I hoped this book wouldn’t disappoint me.  I didn’t want it to be just a …

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Book Review- “Lube Of Life” By Mindy Mitchell and Edward Land

  I picked up a copy of “Lube Of Life” from Barnes & Noble the other day after watching a compelling introduction by both authors, Mindy Mitchell and Edward Land.  I thought that this book was out of my age range and would be silly for me to read- that was BEFORE I heard them …

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