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You CAN make a basic Chili! Now get cookin’!

How the heck do you make chili?  It’s FREEZING out, you yearn for something warm to heat you up from head to toe.  You haven’t make chili before and don’t quite know how to do it.  Well never fear, Joe Mom is here!  haha! Now seriously, I’m NOT NOT NOT a chef.  However, I do …

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Calm the Frig Down… How a “Joe Mom” deals with fevers

        Nathan is caring for his sick sister.  Luckily and knock on wood, he didn’t end up sick too! I’m just a regular “Joe Mom” and my kids get sick too. So it’s a Friday at 5 pm, and your little cuddly child feels hot.  Not normal hot, but hot hot.  What …

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If you COOK it, they will (eventually) eat it! ….stick to it!

Want your kids to eat healthier?  Cook!  Cook with them, cook in front of them, cook with healthy organic foods and teach them how to grow up eating healthy. Start those habits early.  Shop with them.  My son was curious about a veggie and as a result, I learned how to cook it. We do …

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Allergies Allergies Allergies! Don’t stop smelling the flowers!

What do YOU do for allergies for yourself or your kids?  Do you find you treat their allergies different than your own? We are using BIOTICS products in my husband’s chiropractic office (among other supplement lines).  They have this AMAZING supplement called HistoPlex-AB.  My 5 yr old is taking it, as well as myself.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! …

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Cries in the other room …here come the clowns!

I love love love when new babies come in for their adjustments.  A healthy start to life is wonderfully exciting to me.  When new babies come, we hear their new baby cries in the house….since this is a home office.  They aren’t hurt….cranky, hungry, whatever…the kids HAVE to see!  They dart away from even the …

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