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Free To Be…Gluten-Free! … with older children!

When I first wrote, “Free to Be… Gluten-Free!” My son was a couple years younger and my daughter wasn’t yet diagnosed with any gluten (or corn) issues.  I wrote the book with the younger age group in mind.  The children can identify with the boy in the book feeling ill on the potty, crying or …

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Calm the Frig Down… How a “Joe Mom” deals with fevers

        Nathan is caring for his sick sister.  Luckily and knock on wood, he didn’t end up sick too! I’m just a regular “Joe Mom” and my kids get sick too. So it’s a Friday at 5 pm, and your little cuddly child feels hot.  Not normal hot, but hot hot.  What …

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“Free To Be… Gluten-Free!” May need a part 2… life brings challenges

When I started work on “Free To Be… Gluten-Free!” I had all my memories fresh from my son’s (and my) experiences with food sensitivities/allergies.  Various moms told me gluten could be the cause of my son’s sleep issues, mood swings, and exhaustion.  I never understood what “gluten” meant, let alone thinking that this was the …

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Allergies Allergies Allergies! Don’t stop smelling the flowers!

What do YOU do for allergies for yourself or your kids?  Do you find you treat their allergies different than your own? We are using BIOTICS products in my husband’s chiropractic office (among other supplement lines).  They have this AMAZING supplement called HistoPlex-AB.  My 5 yr old is taking it, as well as myself.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! …

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Bed Sharing 101 – Post #1 NAILS!

Sharing a bed with a child or children?  Hold your head high.  It’s not forever (unless you plan on moving into their college dorm room with them?).   Onto Tip #1.  NAILS! TRIM all nails on toes before planning on a good night’s rest.  Nothing spoils a cuddly night like a sharp toe nail sliding …

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