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Book Review- “Lube Of Life” By Mindy Mitchell and Edward Land



I picked up a copy of “Lube Of Life” from Barnes & Noble the other day after watching a compelling introduction by both authors, Mindy Mitchell and Edward Land.  I thought that this book was out of my age range and would be silly for me to read- that was BEFORE I heard them talk and heard their readings from the book.  Mindy’s quirky personality shined as she talked with passion about her new book and Edwards fondness for Mindy lit up in his eyes as he read his book portions.  I felt drawn to the calm and playful energy of Edward and wondered how that played out with Mindy.

I bought the book. 

My friend also bought the book, and she is my age (in the 40 range- let’s leave it at that).  She loved it too.  Since the book sat on my nightstand, I picked it up.  What better recommendation is there than your close girlfriend telling you she loves a book?  The smooth cover sat invitingly in my hands as I dove in.  

I felt drawn in immediately by this tale.  A true story of a couple, each looking for love in their 60’s.   They find each other on a dating site and acknowledge they are too far away from each other in distance by a few hours and a few hundred miles, and tell each other that they may not even like one another in person.  

Each meeting is their “last” meeting and never ends up being their last.  I don’t want to post spoilers, but I kept on reading their real-life conversations and interactions- feeling as if I was peeking into their private lives.  I loved this format!  

I laughed at Mindy’s funny comments to Edward and felt her developing feelings toward this unique and understanding man.  I read between the lines of her comments and felt her love before she even acknowledged them.  I marveled at the fun interaction between the two- almost jealous of their journey.

They realized that the “lube of life is the emotional, physical, and spiritual juice that keeps us young, excited and open to possibilities.”  Throughout their journey, I am impressed by not only their ability to retell their story, but also by their honestly back and forth.  The integrity, humor, and excitement jumps from the pages. 

Find this terrific book on Amazon with this link:  Image


Barnes and Noble with this link Image

Indie Bound at Image

Here’s Mindy’s author page at Turn the Page Publishing  

She says, “I’m an enthusiastic learner and curious by nature; youthful in thought and outlook. My life path is enhanced with joyous, curious and devastating events. The choices I have made and the steps I have taken to navigate these detours leads me to believe that we are all on a journey to a common destination. Pack lightly! I love to share in laughter, travel, and storytelling. Who knew I would have so many tales to tell?”

And Edward’s author page

He says, “Word play has been a part of my life almost as long as I can remember. I enjoyed the comic strip, POGO by Walt Kelly when I was five. In high school, I wrote reports that amazed the teachers with brilliance or baffled them with BS. A friend complimented me by saying, “There’s always this about Ed. If you ask him a question, he will either tell you the truth or something very interesting. And you’ll never know which it is.” Our story is both very interesting AND the truth! I am intrigued to find myself, once again, using words to expand my life in ways unimagined and now sharing them with you.”

So folks, be open to possibilities in your own life, no matter where you sit.  You never know who will walk in the door and provide an interesting experience for your journey. 

Heather 🙂 





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