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Joe’s American Bar and Grill (Short Hills Mall, Short Hills- NJ)

Try Joe’s!

Since becoming gluten-free, finding family places to eat where they can accommodate our need for corn free also, has been CHALLENGING.  Joe’s American Bar and Grill has been consistently TERRIFIC… and therefore worth more than a mention!

Plan to be there early, put your name in.  It may be a bit loud, but it is a family atmosphere and friendly.  When you arrive and mention that you have food allergies/sensitivities, the manager politely comes to the table to personally discuss your issues, review your options, takes your order, and follows it down the line.

Think I’m kidding?!  NOT.  I’ve occasionally ordered through the knowledgable waiters/waitresses, but usually the manager comes over.  

We’ve ordered, hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta with sauce (marinara), french fries, half chicken, salads and veggies.  Instead of bread, we request celery and carrot sticks.  My only gripe here is that these do NOT come as fast as BREAD.  …. and they charge you for this.

My hamburgers have always been delicious here, and the gluten free bun might fall apart, but I cut it in half and enjoy having a bun for a change.  My children cannot eat it, as it has corn starch in it- I can however.  Juicy burger, cooked just right…. although the last two times I went, they had no more buns.  Apparently tons of people are ordering them and they can’t keep up.  My response? FIX THIS PLEASE. 🙂  So I ordered the half chicken and the skin was crispy and the chicken flavorful and moist.  It was amazing!

It’s not cheap, but worth a special trip out.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  I give it an A- due to the no buns that last time and no corn free buns.





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