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Whisper in the Wind – By Heather Spergel

I wrote this little poem because of the sad task someone I know has- to tell her child that she is dying.  How would you handle this?  How do you even begin that conversation?

Whisper in the Wind

Cuddling you on my lap I just know

There is no way to tell you that I must go.


This life with you has been way too short

Not enough time for hugging or watching you in sports.


Let’s sit and talk and figure out a way

To understand what is happening these rough days.


As much as I want to stay so badly

This illness is taking over so madly.


I’m trying so hard to hang on real tight

Finding any possible way to fight this fight.


If one day you look for me and see I’m not there

If the pain from my leaving is all you can bear.


Look to the stars- the second star to the right

Shining so brightly in the warm summer night.


Look in the mirror at your eyes so deep

It’s in those depths that you’ll see much of me.

I’ll be in your ear when the whistling wind blows

telling you secrets that nobody else knows.


When you close your eyes and dream, fear not my dear

I’ll be there to visit and standing real near.


I’ll bring you on a sweet sleepy journey

Bring you to visit with all of your family.


When day breaks and the sun shines bright

Just remember I fought with all my might.


To leave you is something I never want to choose

For a lifetime with you I’d opt not to lose.

Remember these things and let me hold you dear

and always feel my love is near.

Me 🙂  Heather Spergel


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