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Gluten-Free Book for Kids! “Free To Be… Gluten-Free!”

I’m super excited to release “Free to Be… Gluten-Free!” coming this upcoming year 2013!  Besides book signings, I’ll be at the Meadowlands for the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo September 7 and 8th of 2013 with my new book (and my others as well).  Stop by, grab a signed copy, and enjoy a terrific event!!  9-4:30!  Follow that link for expo info!

Foreword written by Loren Marks, D.C., DACBN.  See his website and information about Integrative Assessment Technique at  

Here is come quick information:



Integrative Assessment Technique is an approach to assessing health through a muscle response testing application that started with Applied Kinesiology 25 years ago and has evolved to a sophisticated system allowing for the identification of structural, emotional and biochemical parameters. This technique is non-invasive and differs from other muscle testing techniques, by providing an academic model of cross-referencing capabilities to known diagnostics.





I discuss a gentle doctor in the book and this refers to Dr. Marks- without his help, I am certain this book would never exist and my son’s journey might look quite different.   (as well as my own).  

The purpose of the book is to entertain children with or without food allergies and sensitivities with gentle rhymes, a silly gluten monster chasing the little boy around, and also to affirm that these children are not alone!  Many others must make the choice to cage the gluten monster and not eat certain foods again.  

Included in the book are a few recipes and tips!  Photos by Suzie Lee.

I’ll post when the book is available for pre-sale!  Stay tuned!

Hugs!  Heather




    Wonderful news! Can’t wait!!!!

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