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SNOWBALL RIP 2012 … We All LOVE our Pets

I got little Snowball back in 2002 … just as I was talking with my then soon-to-be husband.  We rescued her from a woman who rescued cats.  Image

She may have been 3 or 4 at the time.  




When I was pregnant back in 2006, who slept with me?  Image

The only one in the house to sleep in the co-sleeper was…



Over the years she has sent us on an emergency trip to the vet for a mystery infections.  She had us marveling at her HUGE size for a few years too when I fed her the wrong food. Eventually, she developed a strange illness last year and we had NO IDEA how she made it through.  She did and we enjoyed her for another whole year!


A couple weeks ago snowball started with an eye infection and her eye ended up closed up and her whole face swollen.  With a broken heart and feeling of dread, I went to the vet today… and didn’t leave with my sweet beloved pet alive.  We made the kindest choice we could make for her… cancer a likely diagnosis.



RIP Sweet, dear Snowball! We will miss you every day!  xoxo!





  1. Aunt Susan

    May your fondest memories of Snowball warm your heart in your time of sorrow.

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