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Music in our house and Music for you! We Love Olive Tree Music Academy!

I’m SO in love with our music school!  

My son’s first recital Age 5

My son’s second recital…  Age 5


Olive Tree Music Academy is all across Northern NJ and I would love to see more locations so other children can experience what mine do!


I wanted to introduce music lessons to my son at the age of 5.  We went to a local music store and requested a sample piano lesson.  The teacher said, although my child sat for the lesson, he needed to learn more before starting lessons.  Come back in a year?  A YEAR?  Huh?  Isn’t it her job to teach??

I’ve heard various people say you shouldn’t start to early blah blah blah.  WHATEVER!  To each his own!  My son has been tooling around with guitars since 2 (and now my daughter).  We left the store annoyed and sad.  

I saw a post for Olive Tree Music Academy on my midwife’s facebook page.  I JUMPED at the chance to see if guitar lessons from a child-friendly music school would be our answer.  We had a sample lesson with Jordyn.  Can you say, “WOW” with me here??  I was impressed with her and most importantly, my son LOVED his lesson and begged to continue.

Guitar lessons almost stopped after a couple months.  The lessons weren’t expensive by any means, but I wasn’t sure how to motivate my son to play during the week. It wasn’t a habit, but something wasn’t clicking.  Jordyn and I figured out he wanted to learn the CORDS so he felt like he was really jamming with The Beatles.  By the way, Jordyn LOVES LOVES LOVES The Beatles even more than my son!  Can you say, “PERFECT FIT?”  We switched to cords and left the book behind.  Straight to Beatles music.  I never ask him to practice now… and the possibility of quitting is truly gone with the wind.  

He plays Beatles music for each recital. We bend with his interests because we believe music should be for the love of music and not for perfection- especially at age 5!  … now he is 6 and is growing and loving more and more.  

and Drums at age 5 Help!

and practicing rhythms…

Next up, GABI!




We are thankful for Olive Tree Music Academy and thankful for a music child.  … and SOOOO happy with our Jordyn!

We are a musical house.. and I don’t have a video of me to put on here… someday…

Oh and what does our house sound like at 7 am?

So there! haha!



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