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Potty Learning and our Modified EC

Post from my previous blog… back in 18th February 2012


Potty- learning, EC, Potty Training. What do you call it?

How people get their kids out of diapers and into big kid pants is a personal journey I believe. Everyone has a method. For myself, I combined EC (elimination communication), naked time (BIG TIME NAKED TIME), cloth diapers (Never ever leaving them in a wet diaper- changing them as soon as they were wet so they didn’t get used to feeling wet), and pants that are loose with no undies.

When to start? You can start from birth! Diaper free baby is a great resource. Look on facebook as well!

I started with my son (my first born) when he was about 7 months old- later than I started with my daughter (second child). I started in cloth diapers and when I was him wet, we changed him right away. I had little potties around for him. I sat him on the potty whenever I went. Encouraged him to go when he woke, during the day, before and after nap, before leaving the house. Whenever. No pressure, just “this is what we do” attitude. I had a potty in the trunk. Slowly he noticed his own wetness as he peed and would make an expression. I had him naked from the bottom down for 4 weeks at home and my mom’s (wasn’t she pleased haha). He became dry at night at 12 months and by 14 months, he was done with diapers and in undies with no accidents. I think over his whole life he has only had a few rare accidents (and accidents are no big deal unless it’s a poop and you are out somewhere!). He was EASY!

My daughter I started MUCH younger. When she was born she was right into cloth diapers, changed right away, and I watched for pee or poop cues. When I had the energy I used the little potty with her, holding her over it until she was old enough to sit up. Once she could sit up, things moved along. I did just as I did with Nathan… naked naked time. She quickly was in loose pants with no undies (a state of being she still prefers- flash forward to her as a teen or college student and I CRINGE!). So she was naked in loose pants forever or naked at home and she got it. I read about other training methods…. and none of them worked for US. So you have to do what works for you! She finished her potty learning with being dry at night, whereas Nathan was dry at night First. You never know…. by 18 months and definitely age 2, no diapers were needed or used.

It can be done! Yes it takes attention, but it can be done. Little undies are available , little potties, and with your patience, it’s a great way to learn to read your child’s communication – watching for cues helped me stay better in tune with each child. Pay attention and don’t get lazy. Forgive yourself if you get tired and need to take a few days break.  This is just how I did it!

If you work during the week, do this at night before bed and on the weekends all weekend long. Your friends and families will think you are a freak, but when their kid is still pooping in their pants and yours are done, you can just be relieved to be done!

Be patient, watch for cues, and in MY eyes, no time is too early to start … it’s all about COMMUNICATION!




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