crunchimomma- Heather Spergel

Author, Mom, and Creative Nut!

My book my book my very first book!

I always wanted to write books. Initially I wanted to write a parenting book about the struggles of raising a high need baby. Drawn to attachment parenting, I struggled to find a way to share our journey. I started children’s books- but they seemed rough and unfinished. I felt uninspired and unmoved to write and unclear in my direction.

Perhaps the timing wasn’t right. My close friend and illustrator didn’t have time to draw. My ex-boyfriend and now artist from high school was also too busy and didn’t want on the project.

I let it drop.

Months went by… Months. Then IT happened. It. Inspiration came to me and I started writing ideas for children’s books on nursing, gentle doctor visits , bed sharing, …

Then I met Roseann, my publisher! A trusted friend referred me to her and told me I had to call. I did and she must have thought I was nuts! I read her ideas over the phone and talked a mile a minute! YES she would publish me! I begged Anita to draw draw draw!


We went on a family trip to the Poconos and I brought my notebook with me. By the light of the tiny tv across the room, I wrote- while my children slept.


As we enjoyed a week away in the Poconos and inspiration hit me more than once. NiNi Spergelini…. My son’s nickname fit perfectly with one idea and calling my daughter Gabi Babaroni, I laughed and realized this was the perfect name for a little performing girl.


I started writing writing and writing… Next step? Bookexpo America!!


How do you measure success? How do you know when you are done? I’m enjoying the journey right now! Getting my thoughts out there is truly a dream come true!

Next step? More book signings!! I keep telling myself that this is my time to make it! I am succeeding and am deserving of this!

Now to spread the word!!


I truly want to give a voice to these creative topics in my head and feel stuck as I wait for illustrators to draw. Worse yet is having ideas ready but no illustrator working on them yet. I start to feel stale and uncreative.


I remind myself I am doing this not only for myself, but also my kids. They inspire me daily! They inspire me to write, be a better mom, and to drink. Just kidding on the last one.

Now to send these out for bloggers and reviewers and hey! … I wanna get on the Ellen Show! Just putting it out there!

Spreading the word about my holistic books looks easy until you mention it to holistic leaders and hear nothing back. Do they not realize that one mention of you on their blog or website could make a person known or rather their work known? Time to send out some books! .. With the aide of my helpers!!!




  1. Roseann

    I’m honored and proud to be your publisher!

  2. Meg

    congratulations! looking forward to seeing your books in stores and reading them.

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