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Ball Jars- The Process Is Going on….

Ok.  So I have been working with ball jars from my dad to create safe glass storage for flours and beans and various other foods.  I also will plant seeds and try that (post to follow).    The jars are from my grandfather, and they are filthy, rusted, and often broken or just plain nasty.  The jars from my dad started like this:



Then they looked like this.



I did this:  Vinegar, Soap, Soaking, scrubbing scrubbing scrubbing!



Step one is finished!



Next is to plant in them!  I have a whole garbage can full of these to scrub, soak, clean, fill, …. Fun!!!






1 Comment

  1. Susan Schiff

    Good going. Your Grandpa, my Dad, would really be proud of what you are doing!

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