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Why it is great to wear your baby/toddler and See MY examples!

I know I am still big as a cow, just a day after giving birth to Gabi. She sleeps happily in the sling

Halloween… Gabi in the sling… so no naps stopped me from having fun!  I since learned that I wasn’t using the sling correctly in this position, but we all live and learn.  It’s cute anyway I think.

I started using a sling when my son was born almost 6 yrs ago out of desperation to calm him.  Thanx to Maria at the Postpartem Place, I bought one.  I threw it across the room about 4 times before figuring it out.  Over the years,  my husband joked that a carrier was never truly mine unless I threw it good and far. Ha!  He was right though.  There was a learning curve for me.  Once I got it though, I learned to nurse in the sling….shop, clean…whatever.  Heck, fussy baby at night? I rocked him in the sling in the rocker. When I zonked off, I didn’t drop the baby.  Thank goodness for the sling.

I nursed carried Nathan in a sling until he was two and killed my back.  I weighed barely 100 lbs and without going to the gym or working out,….not super strong.

When Gabi came along, I used my sling in the first day of her life.  I even left the hospital with my baby in the sling.  At almost 3, she sleeps in the sling still and rides on my back other days.

Babyhawk carrier… my go to carrier

Ok, I look happier than her… she is sleepy. Another great carrier, Beco


My son in a different carrier…. not going to mention the name… ended up hating it

Why wear your baby in a sling or carrier??

Why do I babywear?

1.  I can nurse on the go

2.  I can calm a crying baby in moments

3.  I can shop, hold my child, and leave without my hips hurting from holding out my hip (side note, strengthening the back and shoulders makes baby wearing easier too… not trying to make it sound EASY  as pie).

4.  I don’t drop a sick child as I rock and nurse all night long (When Nate was a baby and got sick a few times, I rocked him and slept in the rocker)

5.  I can mow the lawn (cotton in baby’s ears) and still nurse or do a nap

6.  I do not have to stop my day for a nap… nap on the go!

7.  My baby (babies) are involved in day to day activities from MY view.  Therefore they talk and get involved- they asked questions or point.  They are not in a carrier on the floor, placed and forgotten

8.  On vacation, my babies were used to napping in the sling, so no issues with sleeping in a weird place

9.  Honestly, I could go on and on and on with this…

10.  Because I LOVE the closeness and know that my children do too!  … so leave me alone about it. haha!!

My favorite sling:

My second favorite carrier:

My third favorite carrier:

Beco carrier in back carry position

Nathan in Babyhawk carrier. This became my favorite for front carrier when he got too heavy for the sling. On the the back it was great too, meaning in the back position, however when he fell asleep there was nothing to catch his head. The BECO carrier has a hood you can lift over and snap on your shoulder.

And drumroll… yes, he was a big baby, and at age two… asleep…

Out cold… so I shopped!

I faced the questions so many times that I cringed at… Do you STILL HOLD HIM/HER while he sleeps? Doesn’t that HURT your back?  When you put her DOWN?!  Is she REALLY sleeping in there?  With my first, I tried to answer to defend myself. NOW, nah.  Why do I do it?  Because I WANT to… so go find someone else to pick on… my kids are happy.  So there!

What is YOUR favorite carrier/sling and favorite positions?  How did you learn about babywearing?

Never tried?  What is holding you back?  GO FOR IT!






  1. My son loved it, I can’t remember the brand that I had, but I loved it. I carried him in it until he was about a year old and he was too heavy. My daughter, on the other hand, hated it. She didn’t like the confinement. She’s still like that, hates covers over her feet, towels around her arms, etc. It was such a drag that she hated it. I loved the freedom and convenience.

    • So wonderful that your son loved it! Sorry your daughter didn’t take to it, but every child is certainly different… my daughter needed different positions and likes it in a different way than my son.

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