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If you COOK it, they will (eventually) eat it! ….stick to it!


Want your kids to eat healthier?  Cook!  Cook with them, cook in front of them, cook with healthy organic foods and teach them how to grow up eating healthy. Start those habits early.  Shop with them.  My son was curious about a veggie and as a result, I learned how to cook it.

We do stir fry dishes in our house maybe once a week or twice.  I pull out the wok and make some brown rice or sushi rice (or for my husband who doesn’t eat rice or pasta, lettuce shredded).  Grab some organic chicken breasts and slice it up small.  Whatever organic veggies you have on hand will work!  Gluten free soy sauce and gluten free terriyaki sauce assist with the flavoring.  Not hard at all.  I’d post a recipe, but not sure people are interested, message me if you are!



My point here is, if you present healthy dishes, and that is what is for dinner.  THAT IS IT.  Stick to your guns …. no chicken fingers for sally and dinosaur nuggets for mark.  COME ON!  You make excuses when you go out with family…oh he is a picky eat, oh he only eats this or that…. while your kids inhale french fries and non-organic nitrate filled hot dogs on enriched buns and deep fried chicken nuggets (with meat that can hardly be called meat).  So this is a bit of a rant I know.   If you want your kids to eat a variety, I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, it starts at home.


That’s not hard to make…. Right?  You CAN do it.  But you can’t offer each family member special things due to picky eating.  In our house, what I put on the table is it.  Is everyone always happy?  HECK NO!  Gabi has decided she is a vegetarian again… selective too.  So half the time, she leaves the table having a carrot, a slice of cucumber, and a spoon of rice.  Or won’t eat the organic meatball and wants pasta only plain (another annoying thing…. kids that will only eat plain stuff…. how do you change that?  Introduce new flavors gradually.  I’m working with Gabi, and stick to your guns- remember the goal you are looking to reach!).  When I look at her diet, or my son’s, I consider the week as a whole…. and you know what?  We are doing ok!  We have treats and such, but balance them with the healthy stuff… and our treats?  Homemade chocolate chip cookies with almond flour and dark chocolate and agave, raw cookies (with dates), lara bars, banana with peanut butter.  …. for example.

Joking with my 5 yr old that he is gonna get bigger than me because of all the veggies he eats totally works… so that’s a game I play with him.  Fun!


I know I ranted and maybe I do mean to point the finger a little bit.  I feel it is our responsibility at moms and dads to help our kids this way.  I’m sure I’m not the only one.  What do you do in your house to encourage healthy eating?  Do you have a favorite trick?  (this rant could be followed up with the terrible snacks they serve at preschool or the awful and disgusting treats people send in for birthdays in school!  Munchkins first ingredient isn’t sugar, so they are ok?? UGH!).

Rant OVER. haha!




  1. Meg

    Totally agree! Could you post your stir-fry recipe?


  1. Stir Fry from “If You Cook It They Will Eventually Eat It” post « crunchimomma- Heather Spergel

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