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Bed sharing tip #3 DRESS APPROPRIATELY

Dress appropriately. In sharing a bed with another person or persons, consider several things- things that I think are mostly instinctive.

How heavy is your comforter?  How hot/cold is your room?  Do you have air/heat on?  Does your little one get up to use the bathroom during the night and need something warm on?

Dressing kids for bed in a crib or bed is completely different than in a bed where everyone sleeps together.


Spring and summer we use the same comforter weight but dress differently….t shirt and undies on chilly nights and no shirt on hot nights for my son.  My daughter is often in shorts or just undies too.

Winter we never use sleepers with feet.  They actually get too hot in the bed, even with the room set to 64 or 65 at night.


You get to know what weight blanket/comforter is best.  One that doesn’t flip up over little faces or get tangled up seems best for us.



Sweet Dreams everyone… no matter how you sleep or how many feet or in YOUR bed!


Side note, for my new book, How Many Feet in the Bed?, check out The book comes out June 1!

Another side note (this feel like Ps, on a note when we were kids!)- Animals sleeping with you?  Some people say NEVER EVER let animals sleep with you… I think that is easier with Dogs (since I had dogs and figured that out).  Cats are so different.   They somehow make you feel like they are honoring you with their presence.   YOU should be thankful they are there.  Funny cats.  What do I say about that?  Make sure you take their stools to the vet to check for worms and other pests so they do not share them with you.   Then, cuddle up!  Enjoy!



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