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Allergies Allergies Allergies! Don’t stop smelling the flowers!


What do YOU do for allergies for yourself or your kids?  Do you find you treat their allergies different than your own?

We are using BIOTICS products in my husband’s chiropractic office (among other supplement lines).  They have this AMAZING supplement called HistoPlex-AB.  My 5 yr old is taking it, as well as myself.  A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

Add Bio-D-Mulsion Forte for Vitamin D with this also!  Hey, it’s MY BLOG, so here, Call Dr. Drew Spergel 973-533-0755 and order some!

Are you getting adjusted by a qualified Chiropractor?  Are your kids seeing a pediatric certified one?  My husband is Certified in Chiropractic Pediatrics and I know his added training for his certification makes him an invaluable part of your allergy season (and lifetime) treatment!

Wash your hair and body everyday- ESPECIALLY before bed!  My kids are literally ROLLING in the grass and pollen on the trampoline these days.  Into the tub and good wash down before bed!  Especially since they are sleeping next to me!

What else do we do?  Have you heard of Homeopathy?  We use homeopathy for allergies at times.

That is one option.   Or you can use the tablets from Borion:

My Neti Pot is AMAZING during allergy season or colds.  Do you have one?  Afraid to use one?  Let me know… I may be brave enough to take a video and show you how to use one!  Not hard at all and many health food stores have them.  (word of caution, follow the directions for type of salt and amount to use).

Change your sheets often for allergens in your environment or dragged into bed on your socks or hair (if you didn’t wash it before bed- I do not wash my hair before bed, but the kids do during this season).   

Vacuum often, keep shoes off your carpets, …

LOCAL RAW HONEY!  Go for it!   There is a lot of info out there on using honey… here’s just one example!  Side note, if you keep raw honey on hand, it is more effective that cough syrup and better for your kids and you!  A spoonful a day is healthy for ya!  (If you have diabetes, check with your doc first please!)

My little one is too young to swallow a supplement and she caught it in the hemp milk…. so the liquid homeopathy is my choice or the borion tablets.  Plus daddy adjusts the kids often.

Good luck with your allergies and keep on smelling the flowers!




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