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NO picture, NO Way!

OH MY GOSH!  On laundry day, I have NOTHING to wear but sweats, and old shirt, and my hair is looking icky.  Of course this is the day I end up going to lunch with Drew and the kids.  AND this is the day I wander into the home office to look at the computer.  As I’m sitting there, a patient comes in.  CAUGHT!  The ugly, messed up hair, frumpy chiropractor’s wife is so caught.  How humiliating!  So I stay, say my hellos and next thing I know, I’m scheduling someone for a month’s worth of visits, the kids are at my feet whining, I’m trying to HIDE behind the desk, and my husband is busy with patients.  More patients come in.  Next thing I know, Gabi bumps herself and cries so I have to crawl out from behind the desk, be seen, and help her. UGH!  Drew’s patient leaves… a makeup artist and is gorgeous.  I’m double humiliated.  Now I’m not a big makeup type girl, but my appearance today is more than sub standard. She leaves, two people leave, and I drag my impatient whining children behind me back into the house in humiliation.  The kids are just being kids, so I can’t be super mad at them… my appearance?  All my doing….  Now you want a photo right? NOT A CHANCE!

Side note- a day later- I started my day, hair washed, clean jeans, and a little makeup.  Of course, there are NO office hours today! 😦



  1. Susan Schiff

    Oh my.! What honesty in explaining your feelings and humiliation. Not many people could be so open to others. Love you for you.

    • awww, thank you! Emotional- that’s me!

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