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Home Office? Connected Dad!

It warms my heart to no end that we are able to have a home office.  What does this look like in our family? I’m cooking and the kids are running around- like any other house around dinner time.  I poke my head into my husband’s chiropractic office. “Can you join us?” Sometimes yes, sometimes no.  Gabi, my 2 1/2 yr old runs to the door to hug daddy and then insists they look under the door together.  So there is my husband, dressed in work pants and top, laying on the floor looking under the door with Gabi.  Connected and Fun? YES!  LOVE THAT!

PS- the kids look under the door all the time to see if Daddy is with a patient or not….. is it clear or not to go in.




  1. Susan Schiff

    Why are they looking under the door?

    • I have no idea! Some fun game? haha! Gabi and Nathan sometimes look under the door to see if Daddy is busy… but Gabi wanted Drew to look…. new game?

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