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Author, Mom, and Creative Nut!

Gf matzo ball soup!

1.  Yehuda gf matzo- Cuisinart till matzo meal size. Need 1 cup.
2.  Salt and pepper to taste
3.  4 Tablespoons grapeseed oil
4.  2 tablespoons water
5.  2 eggs

Beat 2 eggs by hand.  Mix in salt and pepper, oil, and water.  Add 1 cup gluten free ground up matzo.  Mix well.  Let it sit in fridge for 30 min to an hr.

Boil a large pot of water. Scoop walnut sized scoop of mixture into wet hands and roll in balls. Set aside on a plate. When all the balls are rolled, drop them into salted boiling water and cook on medium low for 26 minutes.   Remove them and drop them into broth. 

I heat my chicken soup stock and have it ready to receive the cooked matzo balls.  Today I had carrots in my soup.  Side note, read the label. If buy store bought soup, it often contains wheat- unless you see gluten free.



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