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Bed Sharing Rant #1- Love it, Hate it!

It was a restless night for me-tossing and turning. Tv on and off, on and off. I finished reading all of the Hunger Games books and had nothing else interesting on my nook to read.




Having just gotten over the nasty fevery, coughing, sneezing, exhaustive two weeks with first the kids then myself sick- I NEEDED SLEEP!  No book, nothing on tv, I cuddled into my little ones to sleep as best as I could, waiting for my hubby to join.

I love cuddling with my kids at night and I’m SOOOO past any criticism about it. OVER IT!  So I enjoy it- usually. Well last night….eh.

I gave up attempting to sleep close to 6 am. I figured 6 isn’t bad when I am often up writing at 4 am.  I turn slightly in the bed.  This is a near impossible task because of what has happened… what happened?  Oy vey!

Picaboo is under the covers wedged under Gabi’s feet and against my legs. My head is wedged and pressed up against our makeshift cosleeper aka 3 sided crib aka remote and nook holder.  Directly against Gabi’s back is snowball, who sees me awake and starts LOUDLY purring.  I want to yell, “No food yet!”  I’m thinking, Please do not move and wake Gabi.  I am DONE nursing for the night!  She moved.

Gabi starts up again, I swiftly and gently flip her to my other side- an acrobatic move she is quite accustomed to- she falls back asleep.  Thank you God or whoever let THAT HAPPEN!

Snowballs paws stretch out and reach toward my son. AHHHH! 

Enter the cat catapult.  Snowball receives the gently toss from the bed.  Picaboo starts to edge in closer since Gabi is moved- SEE YA! 

I run to pee…knowing that after two kids, a good hard cough can make me pee like a geriatric patient- after lecturing the 2 yr old to NEVER EVER pee in my bed, I have to uphold the standard!

Back into bed. I stare at the ceiling…Nathan grabs my hand and intertwines his fingers with mine. I turn. He is wide awake. Sigh.  I smile at him in the dim light. He smiles at me. We put our heads together and lightly doze. 

Then my alarm goes off. Another day, another way…image




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