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Reasons I happily nurse my toddler/older child

1.  Calories.  I think I am burning some kind of calories in nursing/making milk.  Maybe I’m deluding myself. I’m too tired to work out still since I have so much on my plate. Yet I eat all day. Healthy stuff.

2.  Easy!  It’s fast and easy to comfort my child when they are crying.  I don’t have to go through a list of, “do you want this?  That?” 

3.  I look down in her eyes and she smiles at me, a bond that runs so deep.  (I am NOT saying non nursing moms do not bond….this is MY experience).

4.  When she is sick, my milk is a clear liquid, full of antibodies.  I feel relieved she is nursing all day when sick….I know she will get hydrated and feeling better soon.  Plus, no added sugar, since sugar dampens the immune system.

5.  Earache? Running nose?  Boo boo?  Put expressed milk in it or on it!  Antibacterial properties help!  Even my cuts!  I do not bathe in breast milk,  just a dab here or there if there is cut or whatever.

6.  Good for my breasts!  I’ve been told nursing is great protection against breast cancer. This isn’t my main reason for nursing, but an added perk!

7. This deserves its own section. Pink eye treatment. I cured my husband’s and my own, pink eye with my milk.  It felt comforting in my eye and was cheap! Lol.

Thank you….my little ones!



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