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Healthy cat food….go raw?

I started feeding my cats a raw food diet a few months back. I was tired of prescription diets from the vet.  They were unhealthy and expensive and I had 3 cats on 3 different foods.  Since switching to raw, my senior cat acts like a kitten, has lost weight.  My urinary tract problem cat has no issues, and my other cat’s weight looks terrific.  Yes it isn’t cheap, but they all eat the same food, it is great for them, and their poop output is so much lower! Not as much waste!  So I save on scooping time in the box. The cats look great and this food certainly has answered our prayers.  Not every pet store carries it though. I travel to S. Orange every 2 weeks. Worth it! My kids eat organic and healthy…..and the cats are part of the family! 
Happy feeding and happy



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