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Potty Time- EC!

Potty time…. when does this start?  It can start from birth using a method called, EC- Elimination Communication.  The method, in short, is all about communicating with your baby.  You learn to read her signs for needing to eliminate and you catch it!  You learn the little grimaces, the little grunts, and when they go, you make a potty sound like “psssss”.  So eventually, you can hold them over the potty and make your potty sound, and even at a few months old, they will go to the potty.  Once sitting up, you can use the adorable potties out there and sit them on it.  

Gabi loved this potty!  I got her this when she was pretty young.  I saw it on an EC mom’s website and then I searched potties online until I found it. The tongue turns, removing the handles so you can dump the potty.  With diligence and some effort, both my kids were done with cloth diapers before age 2.  My son was almost freakishly done by 14 months.    I’m sure other EC moms have earlier success, but I started with him after he was walking.  I was new to the whole idea.  So to go from cloth diapers into undies in 4 months, I’d say that is a success!

I can hear you rolling your eyes.  “I don’t have the time.”  “I’m not THAT crunchie!”  “That’s ridiculous putting a child that young on a potty!”  OH?  Well many have better success than I did at younger ages, so it CAN Be done and think of your PLEASURE of getting rid of your diaper pail.  Not washing cloth diapers anymore, or not buying diapers, OR not changing BIG KID POOP!  OH MY GOSH!  When they eat solids, it STINKS!

I WOULD TAKE ALL WEEKEND LONG TO GET AWAY FROM THE STINK OF NASTY BIG KID POOP IN DIAPERS! So take off those diapers, let your child run NAKED!  Have potties on hand.  It’s NEVER too late to start.  Don’t give them fancy candies and rewards.  That’s not what EC is about.  Ok, you can do a happy dance… I did and they still got it.  🙂

Happy Pottying!



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