crunchimomma- Heather Spergel

Author, Mom, and Creative Nut!

The kids eat better than Daddy

It’s interesting to see how we are a product of our environments.  Not that we can’t change things.  My kids were chowing down asparagus sauted in olive oil with shallots, and my HUSBAND is brooding over his. IS HE KIDDING?????  I want to scream across the table, but I refrain.  I mention that they are not bitter, seasoned perfectly,… he nibbles off the tops and looks at me. AHHHH!  I ‘m ready to run for the hills.  Good thing the kids already finished before he sat down with me. Gabi refused to eat the steak….she is almost a vegetarian, Nate eats everything, so do I.  …and there is my husband, looking like a 4 yr old looking at a plate of liver. Brooding.  GIVE ME STRENGTH!!! I clearly have 3 kids!


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