crunchimomma- Heather Spergel

Author, Mom, and Creative Nut!

Cries in the other room …here come the clowns!

I love love love when new babies come in for their adjustments.  A healthy start to life is wonderfully exciting to me.  When new babies come, we hear their new baby cries in the house….since this is a home office.  They aren’t hurt….cranky, hungry, whatever…the kids HAVE to see!  They dart away from even the best snack or favorite movie.  Even I can’t help myself sometimes!  With the hope that I can hold this precious gift, I dart in there, wash my hands, and offer up my arms, my sling, my anything!  This is a major perk to having a home office!!

It’s almost laughable….baby cries and in comes the Spergel train! Nathan, Gabi, Mom…. can we help? Hold the baby? (Please please please)….distract the baby with a book?  My kids become circus clowns on cue apparently!  You just gotta see it! Or rather, us.  Barbara Streisand would be proud.  Haha. Get it? Clowns? Oy vey, it’s only 6 am, give me a break. 🙂


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