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What’s that Stink?! Repost from Old Blog. Gotta love it

Let’s talk deodorant.  Yup.  I use something that I order online.  Works great, no aluminum.  Wonderful.  Here it is I was tired of ordering it online…. so I went to the store the other day and found a natural deodorant and gave it a whirl.  I didn’t use it on the day of an important meeting.  I did however use it on a day when I was completely exhausted from a gluten exposure, moody, depressed, and just a mess.  Whatever I figured.

I put it on.

I begged a friend to come over to play with my daughter so I could get some work done.  My gluten-fogged brain wasn’t working so well.  She came and left an hour later- work done and I was relieved and thankful.

My son came home from school and sat next to me.  “PEEEEUUUU!  WHAT IS THAT TERRIBLE SMELL?” my 5 yr old asked me.  I said I don’t know what is it???  He smells me and goes, “OH MY GOD. YOU STINK!“  I do??????  I smelled. OH MY YES, I did!

Now I hear all those people against natural deodorants saying, “Well that’s what you get crunchie hippie!”  Well I USUALLY don’t smell with my regular one,… do I? GULP.

My husband came in for dinner in between patients and I told him that I smelled so bad.  He said, “Your friend was here and she smelled up the whole house!!!”  I said, “IT WAS ME!”  He said I didn’t smell. That’s because I RAN UP AND SHOWERED and used my regular natural deodorant.

Problem fixed.  I texted my friend to apologize for my STINK.  I didn’t hear back.  She might be dead from oxygen deprivation right about now.  I’m sure of it.


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